Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Juliet...and maybe a little Romeo

I don't think I would  normally rush to recommend a book that, when pushed to come up with a pithy description, prompts me to say, "think Dan Brown meets Nora Roberts."  And yet, Anne Fortier's book, Juliet, has managed to jump that hurdle.  There's suspense, intrigue, secret societies, and a mystery that must be decoded in order for the protagonist to discover who she really is, coupled with a questionable romantic attachment.  It's got the intrigue of a Dan Brown (although better written) coupled with the romance of a Nora Roberts.
When 25-year-old Julie Jacob's great-aunt Rose died, Julie expected a windfall inheritance from the wealthy woman who had raised her; what she got was a letter.  The letter instructs Julie to go to Italy and find the treasure left for her by her mother in a secret safe deposit box.  The note also includes a further surprise -- Julie's real name is Giulietta Tolomei.  Giulietta... as in Juliet... as in the real Juliet whose life inspired Shakespeare a few hundred years later.  The book then transitions back and forth between Julie/Giulietta's adventures in Italy today and the original Giulietta Tolomei and her quest to be with her true love (named Romeo, of course). 

While some of the twists and turns of the plot are questionable at best and require a bit of a logical leap (think of the kindly old caretaker in any given Scooby Doo episode), if you can suspend your disbelief it is an original book that is perfect for a cool, gray, fall day.

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