Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Silent Land

I just finished reading Graham Joyce's latest novel, The Silent Land., which is slated for a March release.  The novel starts in with a young couple being buried in an avalanche while on a skiing vacation in the French Pyranees.  They amazingly escape from this situation only to find themselves in a more unsettling position.  Upon returning to the ski lodge, they quickly realize that there is nobody else around.

Jake and Zoe begin looking around the small ski town and are bewildered by the absence of life.  It seems unlikely that everyone was caught in the avalanche.  And if the town was evacuated, why wouldn't any rescue teams come around to see if anyone is still out there?  Why are they the only two signs of life in sight?  And, perhaps even stranger, why can't they feel?  Neither one feels the cold outside.  They have to remind themselves what food and drink taste like.  Memories fade away.  Despite all that is happening to them, Jake and Zoe remind themselves that they are happy because they are together.

It is very difficult for me to classify this novel.  There are some supernatural/fantasy elements to it.  But the main focus that keeps coming through is the relationship between Jake and Zoe.  No matter the decision they make in trying to figure their fate in this ski town, they always make it with one thing in mind: stay together.

While you wait for this offering, try some of Joyce's other novels.  Dark Sister, The Tooth Fairy, The Exchange, and Requiem are all available at the library!

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