Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Reading

Thinking about the perfect vacation makes me smile.  Most people dream of sand, surf and fun.  Although I enjoy the sand and surf, I also appreciate a nice hammock, a great big shade tree and a terrific book.  I can't think of a better way to spend a summer? So here are a few great books to keep your summer running smooth.

Summer Without Men by Siri Hustvedt  is a story of love, loss and friendship. It's a quick read that will keep you amused.

The Arrivals by Meg Mitchell Moore is a coming home story.  This story is written showing all the main characters point of view.  It's a story of love, growing up and coping when tragedy strikes. Do you tell your family your most secret desires or failings? Do you go home or tough it out on your own? This is an excellent story that will hold you.

Planting Dandelions by Kyran Pittman This is a well written story full of the authors memories of her growing up years. You will laugh and enjoy this wonderful novel.  A definite must have for the beach.

State of Wonder by Anne Patchett is a wildly brilliant book that will keep you entranced. The characters and settings are brought to life with Anne's excellent prose. It is definitely a must read for this summer.

The Gap Year by Sarah Bird is another excellent novel! It is the story of a mother and her daughter A beautiful story that chronicles the life of Camille and her daughter. It tells of the daughter's growth and how her coming of age impacts her mother.  This is not your typical child coming of age story. Sarah Bird uses wry humor, wit and honesty to tell a spell-binding story.

No matter what story you choose to read or where you read it, whether it's a beach, hammock, sofa or listening to it in your car, enjoy it.  Let the words take you away and let your summer reading transport you to another place.

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