Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Never Knew

Who's hotter than Hot? Betty White is hotter than hot! She has been in the public eye for 70 + years and has recently made an even bigger name for herself.  I always enjoyed the characters she played. However, I did not believe that she was as sweet as the majority of the characters she played.  After reading, If You Ask Me and Of Course You Won't,  her latest autobiography, I believe she is down to earth, sweet and most definitely funny.  

Her latest book is full of short essays (chapters) that I actually shared with my teenage daughter.  Betty is not at all who I imagined her to be.  She adores animals, does not seem to want to do a lot of shows, (but....she doesn't want to let anyone down either) and enjoys helping others.  I learned that one of her favorite awards was being made an honorary forest ranger.  What an amazing woman.  She is 89 and still (I'm sure) has many adventures left to make.  If you enjoy a quick, witty, exciting book written by a down to earth, lovely lady give this one a try. 

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