Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little bit of light reading

Lately, I've read a lot of books that made me think.  There weren't any that were particularly difficult to read, nor were they particularly serious, just a string of books that made me think.  A lot.  Frankly, it was getting a bit exhausting.  Sometimes I feel like I have a responsibility to read literature (imagine me saying that with a posh accent as if I'm in a tweed jacket with elbow patches).  But, sometimes, I just need a break.  With convenient timing, I received an e-mail announcing that Sophie Kinsella's new book I've Got Your Number was on the hold shelf waiting for me.

Now, I have a confession to make that is going to horrify you other chick-lit fans out there, so brace yourselves.  I don't like the Shopaholic series.  Becky Bloomwood irritates the bejeebers out of me.  Every time I tried reading one of the Shopaholic books, I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and shaking some sense into her.  I know, I know...sacrilege.  But, I've enjoyed Kinsella's non-shopaholic books like Twenties Girl and Remember Me, even though the characters are on the fluffier side, and I typically like the more serious chick-lit books she writes under her real name of Madeleine Wickham. 

I've Got Your Number is among Kinsella's best.  In Poppy, the eager-to-please bride-to-be who loses her engagement ring -- a generations old heirloom from her fiance's family, Kinsella has created a character who hits the right blend of a character who is flighty, but earnest and well-meaning.  On the same day, her cell phone is stolen, but she coincidentally finds one in the trash can of a hotel that she begins to use.  She begins to use the phone, which connects her to a business man and, of course, hijinks ensue.  The blend of light-hearted fun mixes well with more serious questions about Poppy's tendencies to put her own needs aside for others.  Throw in a dash of corporate intrigue, and it's a great story to entertain and amuse...and, ultimately, to provide a nice break from thinking too much. 

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