Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paranormal Romance

Do you like reading stories about zombies, werewolves, vampires? If you say yes,  you might want to try reading a paranormal romance.  They have action, adventure, fantasy, time travel, sci-fi and of course, legendary creatures. The one thing that will remain true with this romance sub-genre is that there will be a happy ending. Here are a few excellent Paranormal romances.

Destiny's Star by Elizabeth Vaughn is an amazing fantasy romance adventure. This is the 3rd in the star trilogy.  Destiny's Star is a classic love story about one talespinning guy who can't properly sit a horse, and a warrior who does not believe herself worthy of the bard. This novel is full of adventure. There are sword fights, magic, war, love political intrigue and justice.  Vaughn keeps your attention from the beginning until the end.  If you want to read the whole series begin with Dagger Star, then White Star and conclude with Destiny's Star. They are definitely worth the read even if you are not fond of typical romance stories.

Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures is the first in a vampire series. Anita Blake  is a necromancer and vampire hunter. In this time period vampires are protected by law, as long as they don't kill humans. However, when vampires go rogue it is Anita's job to track them down and end their existence. Jean-Claude is the second most powerful vamp and he is definitely interested in Anita for more than just her professional skills.

Shadow Game by Christine Feehan is a  New York Times Bestseller. Christine Feehan plunges readers into the darkest recesses of the mind as a man and a woman discover the terrifying power -- and the forbidden passion -- that could destroy them both.

Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver. A national bestselling author introduces a darkly sexy new series about forbidden alliances . . . and inescapable desires. This includes a feisty strong female heroine, Roxy and demigod Dagan. When they meet again after 11 years passion ignites. The two adversaries must work together to solve a murder mystery.

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