Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maybe it's time for another look

My daughter is dyslexic.  The other day she had two group projects to finish for High School. It seems the group projects my children are on always become a one person project, the other kids are happy for the A, but.. it's a little like The Little Red Hen (sigh).  Sorry her dyslexia is what led me to read a book while she was cutting, pasting and making a beautiful version of Goodnight Moon. She had 3 chapters to read and a lot of work on the last project, so she asked me to read To Kill A Mockingbird to her while she worked on the project. 

After the first paragraph, I fell in love all over again with this book, as did my son and daughter.  Reading is a struggle for her so she wasn't really enjoying it before I began reading it. I am a good raconteur (aka a good storyteller) but I truly believe it is Harper Lee's wit, prose and writing style that hooked us. The characters are incredible as well. Scout, who is a smart little girl and loves to read, just can't understand why the teacher told her she should not read with her father anymore. Everything she did with the best of intentions on her first day of school just got her into more trouble with her teacher.  We laughed, we commiserated and just fell in love with the book. I can't wait to finish rereading the story.

This made me wonder if some of the other titles I read in school might be even better the second time around.  For instance, I loved John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men when I reread it with my children a couple years ago so maybe it'll be the same for The Grapes of Wrath, Fahrenheit 451, All Quiet on the Western Front and Don Quixote. If you haven't read these classics in awhile (or perhaps never read) maybe it's time for another look.  You might find a very pleasant surprise awaits you.

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