Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Trial of Fallen Angels

What would you do if you were asked to be a lawyer for the Final Judgment and then were told to represent a Nazi SS officer who killed thousands of people; the mother who abused her child or even your own murderer? The job requires you to be fair and impartial. You are to give a fair presentation of all sides of the individual's life so God can determine whether or not the person goes to heaven.  This is no simple task. Would you be able to do this?  This is the question Brek Cuttler is faced with in The Trial of Fallen Angels by James P. Kimmel. 

Kimmel's novel is an intriguing,thought provoking spiritual journey.  As it turns out it is not just Brek's journey but also the readers.  The story is moving and as you watch Brek learn that justice for one is not always justice. The story offers true revealation.  The age old adage of love your enemies is brought to the forefront of this novel. Brek Cuttler is asked to love her enemies. No that is not quite right, she is asked to forgive them.  Forgive her murderer? How can she be expected to forgive him?  She can find compassion for others, just not him... This is a beautiful story that passes faster than you might imagine. The pages of this book turn quickly and as you listen to Brek's journey you realize the journey is also your own.  I recommend that no matter your faith or religious beliefs that you read this book from cover to cover. I was entranced. It is a beautiful testament to love and forgiveness. 

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