Saturday, October 19, 2013

October's Get In the Queue

This month's hot new releases are just waiting for you to pick them up! Don't forget if our copy is checked out, we may be able to get one for you through Search Ohio.

Our debut novel feature is The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

This is a read-out-loud funny debut novel that is wonderful from beginning to end. Picture a 39-year-old brilliant but emotionally challenged genetics professor with Asperger's. He has studied the statistics and realized a wife will solve all his problems.  So he did the obvious,...when looking for love one should always develop a wife questionnaire, right?  Hmm maybe not, but perhaps it will lead him to his true love. You will enjoy this thought provoking well plotted tale.  

What better way to begin October than with The Dogs of Christmas by Bruce Cameron. This is sure to be another best seller. This is a charming and heartwarming holiday tale that explores the power of love, trust and a basketful of puppies.

We conclude our Get in the Queue with Anne Rule's Practice to Deceive. This is a true crime thriller that will chill you to the bone. Russel Douglas was murdered on isolated Whidbey Island. This is an isolated island with minimal access. There's a bridge and a ferry but it's the holiday season so there are not many tourists and yet Russel Douglas is found the day after Christmas with a bullet shot between his eyes. Police suspect suicide, but there is no weapon. This can only mean that if it was not suicide than someone on the island committed the cold blooded murder. As Anne Rule unravels the mystery surrounding his death she uncovers enough drama, greed, sex and scandal for a tv mini-series. This is a tale not to be missed.

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