Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diverse and Award-Winning Novels That Just Happen to Be Westerns

In the last few years, the western has been reinventing itself in different forms and the genre is still going strong.  Whether you enjoy mysteries, steampunk, cowboy romance, or traditional novels, westerns offer something for everyone.  So, dust off your hat and prop up your boots and enjoy one of these great reads--including some Spur Award nominees and winners:

Rilla Askew--Kind of Kin (Contemporary)

Baxter Black--Ride, Cowboy, Ride! 8 Seconds Ain't That Long (Humorous)

Johnny D. Boggs--Wreaths of Glory (Historical)

James Lee Burke--Light of the World (Contemporary)

Brett Cogburn--Panhandle (Award Winner)--he is the great-grandson of the real Rooster Cogburn from True Grit!

Amanda Coplin--The Orchardist (Historical)

Ivan Doig--The Bartender's Tale (Historical)

Matthew Mayo--Tucker's Reckoning (Award Winner)

Phillip Meyer--The Son (Award-Winning Epic)

Mary Doria Russell--Doc (Biographical Fiction)

Ann Weisgarber--The Promise (Historical)

I think the announcements that westerns are dying are overblown. The fact that so many other genres are incorporating western elements into their stories proves just how popular and resilient the western still is.

So, come back next week for part 2 which will cover romances, mysteries, and steampunk.


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