Sunday, March 15, 2015

Great New Thriller!

I love suspenseful mystery novels especially when there's action that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  Erica Spindler's new novel, The First Wife combines a fantastic thriller with a touch of romance.  This is a fantastic must read novel for all readers who love suspenseful thrillers. The story opens with Bailey Browne in the hospital. She's been injured and another man is found dead. Bailey is covered in the dead man's blood and the police chief is waiting for her to wake up so he can interrogate her. Unfortunately when  Bailey wakes from her coma she has no memory of the events leading up to her injury. 

The stage is set and the mystery begins. We are taken back into the past where Bailey meets the man of her dreams, Logan Abbott. He is a mysterious stranger who sweeps her off her feet and whisks her away from her ordinary life.  She finds and marries her prince charming sure it will lead to the happily ever after she desires. She loves Logan with all her heart, but barely knows him. When Logan brings her to his horse farm Bailey's dreams of happily-ever-after fades. The family has a tragic history and Logan will not discuss it. The police chief suspects Logan of murdering his wife and several other women who have mysteriously disappeared. As the story opens we wait to learn who injured Bailey. Could it be the man she just married or could it be one of the people she just met?  

This is one story that is filled with multiple twists. If you enjoyed Before I Go To Sleep or Gone Girl you are bound to enjoy this fast paced thriller. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

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