Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Last Station

There are always movies that make you think about your existence, make you feel sad or happy, or just make you laugh. I am an avid movie watcher.  One of my all-time favorite movies is Last Station. When I first decided to watch this movie it was because it starred James McAvoy (yep, I said it).  I didn’t know what to expect from this movie because I am not really into period pieces.  However, Last Station was an excellent film with superb acting and a great storyline.  It is about Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and it has a couple of risqué scenes that add depth to the movie.

                There are quite a few films that are based on books and this is one of them.  Last Station: A Novel of Tolstoy’s Final Year is a biographical novel written by Jay Parini.  It shows the relationships between Tolstoy, his wife, and his lead disciple.  I think the movie, which stars Christopher Plummer as Tolstoy, Helen Mirren as his devoted wife, and James McAvoy as his personal secretary, did a great job following the flow of the book.  In order to enjoy the films completely, I prefer to watch the movie before reading the book.  I am more of a visual person and I don’t like to know what is going to happen in advance.

                If you want to watch something really good, I would highly recommend Last Station.  It’s a movie that will keep your interest and in the process you’ll learn something about the iconic Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

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