Monday, May 15, 2017

Best Kept Secrets

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Relax and have a do nothing day or better yet a do nothing week? sounds heavenly to me.

I thought I'd introduce you to a few books that have ideas of little known destinations that will lead to the relaxation you are looking for and other destinations that will be perfect if you crave adventure. Here are the destinations and a few tips you may want to consider when planning your next trip.

Last-Minute Travel Secrets: 121 Ingenious Tips to Endure Cramped Planes, Car Trouble, Awful Hotels, and Other Trips From Hell Last Minute Travel by Joey Green
This guide provides travelers with more than a hundred handy and unusual secrets to overcome obstacles and upgrade accommodations using common, easily found products. 

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth by Rough Guides
This is truly the ultimate inspirational guide for world travelers and those who dream of hitting the road. There are 1000 adventures with full color photos and brief summaries of each adventure.

Lonely Planet's Where To Go When: The Ultimate Trip Planner For Every Month of the Year by Lonely Planet
Have you ever wondered where to visit and what time of year to travel there? If you have this is the book for you. There are 12 chapters one for every month of the year and 30 detailed vacation locales for each month and all the information you need to plan your trip. Just want to dream about going away--this book will work for you as well.  

100 Places You Will Never Visit: The World's Most Secret Locations by Daniel Smith
The world is full of secret places that we either don't know about, or couldn't visit even if we wanted to. Now you can glimpse the Tora Bora Cave in Afghanistan, visit the Tower of London Jewel House, and see the Chapel of the Ark. This fascinating guide book takes a look at 100 places around the world that are either so hard to reach, closely guarded or so secret that they are virtually impossible to visit any other way. 

Hopefully if you choose to take a wonderful vacation far from home you can find tips and secrets that will help you enjoy a safe, relaxing getaway, and maybe save money as well. If you prefer a staycation these books are definitely for you. The pictures will make you feel like you were there. 

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