Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Irish-American Women

Since this is the last day of March, I thought I'd better get this posted. Not only do we celebrate our Irish heritage but it is also Women's History Month, so I combined the two subjects and came up with some great Irish-American women authors!
The first three have a couple of things in common: one, they are all considered "Classic" authors, and two, they all died at a young age due to tragic circumstances. Kate Chopin died at the age of 54 of a cerebral aneurysm before being recognized as one of the first great feminist authors. Her novel "The Awakening" is considered a masterpiece. Pulitzer prize winning author Margaret Mitchell died at the age of 49 after being struck by a car in Atlanta. Her novel "Gone with the Wind" is one of our best-loved stories of the Civil War era. Savannah native Flannery O'Connor, known for her Southern Gothic stories and novels, died of complications from Lupus at the tender age of 39. Try one or more books by these great ladies and experience the past through their eyes.

Some other authors to try:
Mary Higgins Clark--bestselling suspense novelist.
Alice McDermott--1998 National Book Award/1999 American Book Award winner.
Anna Quindlen--magazine columnist and novelist for over 30 years.
Nora Roberts--Hall of Fame romance novelist and writing machine.

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