Monday, May 11, 2009

History...with a twist

Historical fiction has gained momentum over the past few years and is now one of the top genres. This genre can create an alternate version of past events. Sometimes the story places fictional characters within a historical context. There are always interesting new titles being released, so I thought we could take a look at some of the popular titles that have been released as well as those that will soon be available

Seen the Glory- A coming of age story of two brothers fighting side by side during the Civil War and the secret that threatens to tear them apart on the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg.

An Honorable German- A German naval officer looks forward to life after the war with his fiance. His future begins to look bleak once the Allies take control of the war.

A President in Peril- Harry S. Truman is running for re-election against Thomas Dewey in 1948. A Chicago Tribune police reporter finds out about a plot to assassinate Truman and is forced to write about the hate group threatening to do so.

Shadow and Light- A look into the motion picture industry right as sound in movies is introduced and how these films were used by Germany between the two world wars.

The Last Queen- Princess Juana narrates this story set in 15th century Spain. She must deal carefully with her husband and family when she suddenly becomes the last remaining heir to King Fernando and Queen Isabel.

Hangman Blind- This story centers around Abbess Hildegard in 15th century Yorkshire. After a series of murders around her monastery, Hildegard sets out to find the truth, no matter how horrible.


Jessica James said...

I'd like to add my Civil War title, Shades of Gray, to the mix. It has won two Best Regional Fiction awards and has just been named a finalist in ForeWord Magazine's 2008 Book of Year contest. It was also named Favorite Book of 2008 by two book review sites and has climbed to #2 on Amazon's Best Seller list in the romance/historical category (right behind Gone with the Wind).
You can find out more and read reviews on my website:

Anonymous said...

I recently read "Run Silent, Run Deep", a novel set on a World War II submarine in the Pacific. The author served on a submarine during that time and his depiction of events seem very believable.

Barbara said...

I recently read "Run Silent, Run Deep", a novel set on a World War II submarine in the Pacific. The author, Edward Latimer Beach, served on a submarine during that time and his depiction of events seem very believable.

Charles McCain said...

I'm Charles McCain, author of An Honorable German, a World War Two sage told from the POV of a German U-Boat officer. In the last twenty years I think I've read almost every book on submarines---fiction and non--fiction. "Run Silent, Run Deep" is THE classic novel of American submarines at war. Edward Beach was a career US Navy officer and served on several submarines in the Pacific and experienced combat with the Japanese. As captain of the nuclear submarine USS Triton, he went around the world submerged and at rapid speed. This record has never been broken.

While Run Silent Run Deep can seem dated at times, Captain Beach was a good writer and experienced most of what he wrote about.

I think the best non-fiction book about US Submarines in WW II is "Wahoo" which is a memoir by Admiral Richard Kane who served as second in command of the Wahoo for a number of war patrols including service as second in command to "Mush" Morton who was one of the top scoring aces in WW II. As so ofen, fate played a major role in Kane's life. He was ordered to new construction to be captain of an about to be launched American submarine. So with misgivings he left the USS Wahoo. On her next patrol, with Kane having left, the Wahoo sank with all hands.

Anonymous said...

Interested in sunken ships, the book "Her Name, Titanic" is a good read.