Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have You Tweeted Today?

Ah, Twitter, that online collection of the trivial musings, observations, and brainfarts of folks the world over, where would we be without you? How would we know what our favorite people are thinking and doing 24/7? And more importantly, would we even care? Now before you get your tweets all in a bunch, let me just state for the record that I use Twitter. Granted, my updates are few and far between, but they’re just as ridiculous as anyone else’s (I haven’t quite stooped to announcing what I ate for breakfast because that would just be lam—oh, wait, never mind). On the other hand, I think there’s a certain voyeuristic and vicarious satisfaction that comes from stalking, er, I mean following other folks on Twitter, particularly if they’re famous folks, and that’s probably what most people do. I’m a writer, so I like to follow my favorite authors to get a peek into their noggins and see what they’re up to, what they’re working on, where they’re signing, etc. Oh, and all that other, more trivial stuff too. Check these out:

Catherynne M. Valente’s (NorwichGrrl) not getting much sleep: "Awake. Don’t wanna be. What is up with books keeping me up all night? Thanks a lot, LITERATURE."

Here’s a rather ominous one from Peter Straub (Peterstraubnyc). Let’s hope he’s talking about his next novel: "The pot is stirring, stirring: as always, it’s all about blood, it’s all about roundness and circularity."

Neil Gaiman (neilhimself), whose updates are almost always witty and hilarious, had this to say: "If you are a librarian & I forget how to talk during the Newbery speech tonight, please pretend nothing’s wrong. Do not throw fruit or eggs."

Clive Barker (RealCliveBarker) reveals the dangers of the craft in this update: "Sundays are dangerous. If I’m going to lose my faith in my own little corner of creation, it’ll be on a Sunday. I destroyed the final draft of Abarat II on a Sunday. Began again, after 18 months."

And Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast), God love her, is on the warpath here: "& I’m discovering that, as a reader, I live a sheltered life, & most of what passes for 'dark fantasy'/'paranorm. Romance' is, well…awful. I don’t mean little bitty awful. I mean BIG awful." I feel your pain.

There's lots more. Now don’t you want to be on Twitter too?

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