Friday, July 3, 2009

A way to make cleaning fun (really!)

I know, I know...this post would've been more appropriate a decade or two ago. But, I'm a little slow on the uptake, so bear with me. I've finally discovered the joy of audiobooks! To be fair, I had tried this once before. A couple of years ago, I downloaded an e-audiobook of Jane Eyre. I was so excited: I would get to discover a classic I'd not yet read while being productive. I took my MP3 player to the gym and proceeded to not be able to pay attention to a word of the book. Let me tell you, the Stairmaster is not the place to try to listen to Jane Eyre. But rather than thinking that perhaps it was unfair to pair a fairly heavy literary classic with the fast-pased monotony of working out indoors, I wrote off audio books altogether.

Recently, I decided to try again. I went for much lighter fare this time (Bridget Jones's Diary author Helen Fielding's Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination). While I still can't quite remember to pay attention if I'm on a machine at the gym (I stick with the traditional format of books for that), I have found it's great for other activities where I want to be reading but can't hold a book. I've discovered a new joy in cleaning, ironing, and weeding. So, to everyone who has told me I should give audiobooks another try, I heard you. And now, I hear my books, too!


Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to give audiobooks a try. Fingers crossed that they motivate me to clean the house more often than I do!

SRMM said...

Love the advice!

Your fan - SRMM