Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Friends a story of Hope.

I was looking at books for an upcoming book list that features animals. What I found was a remarkable book and a place that is home for thousands of unwanted animals. The book entitled, Best friends: the true story of the world's most beloved animal sanctuary is a glimpse of hope. Best Friends began as a dream to create a place for the dogs, cats, horses and other furry friends who are "unadoptable". Some animals at the sanctuary have feline leukemia, are scarred, have behavior problems or are somehow not quite the cute and fuzzy creature people want to adopt and cuddle.

The sanctuary's main goal is to find a loving, forever home for these animals. They accept any animal, but are often given the problem cases, because the staff cares and people know it. This is not your ordinary job, this is a labor of love for all who work here.

This book is a testament to their success and tenacity. Although most of these animals have issues 75% of them find forever homes. This well written novel tells the story of the people and animals that make Best Friends home. It takes the reader behind the scenes and shows the loving care given by each worker, their love for each other and the animals they tend. The group began as friends who wanted to make a difference and they did. Read their story or go to their website, and find out more about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

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