Saturday, April 2, 2011

Toys and Other Things that Go Bump in the Night

Have you ever watched a scary movie, screamed your head off and then laughed at how silly you were. Then you return home to a quiet house and see shadows waiting to get you once you enter?  Well I have, isn't that half the fun of watching a scary movie or reading a scary book? Here are two books I read recently that are suspenseful thrillers. They are not terrifying but excellent fast paced high octane reads.

One is by the prolific author James Patterson. His new book Toys turns an ordinary doll into a life threatening menace.  I enjoyed the mystery, sci-fi high tech creations and political espionage. Hays Baker is a crime fighter just rewarded by the President and has spent all his life fighting evil or so he thought. When a twist of fate leads to his impending death his life as he knows it comes to a crashing halt. He does not realize he is one of the people he has hunted for years or that those he learned to hate are not the enemy. When given the chance will he choose the life he had or the new people he just found? This is a fast paced thriller with espionage, murder and covert operations.

Gideon's Sword, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is also another thriller.  Reviews are mixed, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. A death bed confession leads to revenge, and intrigue.  This is an action packed epic adventure. It has car chases, epic battles and a strong sense of justice. Show me a man or woman killed in cold blood and I want justice.  Gideon Crew delivers.  He is not an omniscent crime fighter or undercover agent (Well at least not initially.) He is an avenger. Odd and quirky at times and ever unpredictable, can Gideon an outdoorsman, scientist, conman and art thief save the world without assistance from others? The climax held me riveted to my seat with a crazy fight scene and another plot twist. I can't wait for the next novel with Gideon Crew.

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