Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrate International Chick Lit Month

The weather certainly hasn't been cooperating, so if you need another way to jump-start the summer, how about a few great summer reads?  I, for one, have been celebrating the first International Chick Lit Month with a lot of new chick lit books. 

Over the weekend, I caught up on a couple of new releases I'd been waiting for: Kristin Gore's latest, Sweet Jiminy and Erin McKean's debut novel, The Secret Lives of Dresses.  Both have main characters who face difficult situations that force them to grow up and realize their own strength.  In Sweet Jiminy, Gore deals with a heavier subject than her first two novels (Sammy's Hill and Sammy's House).  When Jiminy drops out of law school, returns to her grandmother's small Mississippi town, and begins dating Bo, a local African-American man.  When she learns that Bo's great-uncle and cousin murders in 1966 were never solved, she brings in a civil rights lawyer and, in the process, learns that the town's racism isn't confined to the past.

The Secret Lives of Dresses is the story of Dora, an aimless college student who returns to run her grandmother's vintage dress shop when the woman who raised her is hospitalized after a serious stroke.  In the process of selling and wearing the clothes, Dora learns that if she stops fighting so hard to prove who she's not, she might just find out who she is.  Really, though, regardless of whether the story sounds interesting to you, if you like vintage clothes, you should read this.  The descriptions are fantastic and the dresses' lives are really fun.  The book originated from McKean's blog, A Dress a Day which has made me decide I need to pull out my sewing machine and start using it.  And, if you like vintage dresses, check out Isabel Wolff's A Vintage Affair.

There are a lot of great new chick lit titles out (others I've read recently that I'd recommend include 666 Park Avenue  if you like witch chick lit like Wednesday Night Witches , My Jane Austen Summer for fans of, well...Jane Austen (although I still think the best in this genre is Me and Mr. Darcy), and Emily and Einstein for fans of books like P.S. I Love You.  Of course, if you're looking for great chick lit on a regular basis, don't forget to subscribe to our monthly Chick Lit Newsletter.  So, grab a book and celebrate Chick Lit Month!


Anonymous said...

I really like to read Mommy Lit do you think the library could do a sub catergory for Mommy Lit in the Chic Lit suggesstions?
dedicated reader

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I'll have a new post this week that will focus specifically on Mommy Lit. Thanks for the suggestsion! acs