Saturday, August 13, 2011

Need a New Read?

I just read, Chicks Kick Butt. It's a compilation of short novellas from many authors. All the stories have female heroines, who (obviously) get the bad guys and save the day. I checked this book out because one of the primary authors is Rachel Caine. I enjoyed her weather warden series and thought this might be a good read. Little did I realize the book would lead me to new authors that I never read before. The short stories allow you a glimpse at the writing style of each author (and man are there authors to choose from!). There are 14 authors/stories in this book. Each story is very short, which makes for a quick read. You don't have to read it all in one sitting.

I can't wait to read a full story written by some of these authors! If you enjoy paranormal fiction, urban fantasy, dark fantasy or paranormal romance give these books a try.

Rachel Vincent's novella has characters from her Werecat Series. The first in her series is Stray. It is an urban fantasy a coming of age story for .

Karen Chance's short story, In Vino Veritas gives glimpses of characters from Midnight's Daughter. The protagonist is a special vampire, called a dhampir (half vamp, half human) can this fighter of evil uphold the senates laws and stay in one piece.

Cheyenne McCray's Double Dead shows us a private Investigator, Nyx, who is oh so much more. You definitely want her on your side if you are in trouble. You can read more about Nyx in Demons Not Included.
Lilith Saintcrow's Monsters seemed like an excerpt (and I would definitely love to read more about Eleni, Wolf and Tarquin), however in researching what story they are from I learned these characters are from some of her unfinished books. Hopefully Saintcrow will get back to them and give us more exciting stories to read. if you'd like to read more of her work you can try Night Shift or Dark Watcher.

Happy Reading! I hope you find a new favorite author.

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