Tuesday, September 27, 2011

World Cup Caliber Authors from Sweden

This is the second week of World Cup caliber authors and this week we are highlighting writers from Sweden. Sweden's main spectator sports are football (soccer) and hockey.  The Women's National Football team has qualified for every one of six World Cups and they have participated in four Olympic Games.
They are one of the top teams in the world and continue to move up.  They placed 2nd in 2003 and 3rd in 1991 and again this year.
Try one of these talented authors and help celebrate the excellence of Sweden.

John Ajvide Lindqvist--he writes horror novels, thrillers, and short stories.

Majgull Axelsson--she is a journalist/writer who has won several important Swedish literature awards.

Marianne Fredriksson--she was a journalist for various papers before publishing fifteen novels.  She passed away in 2007.

Jan Guillou--this controversial writer has published a series of novels about a Swedish Knight Templar.

Astrid Lindgren--(1907-2002)--A classic children's author and creator of Pippi Longstocking.  She is probably the most well-known Swedish writer.

Liza Marklund--journalist and crime writer--her novels have been published in 30 languages.

Linda Olsson--born in Stockholm this lyrical novelist now lives in New Zealand.

Maj Sjowall--author and translator.  She is best known for her 10 detective novels written with her partner Per Wahloo.

If you want to read more Swedish detective fiction--try one of these authors from my Swedish crime writers blog entry.

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