Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best Staged Plans

There comes a point in everyone’s life where you take stock of where you are. I think somewhere there is a checklist that includes: marriage, children, home, career and at the end of the list happiness. Every now and then I look at the list and say yes I’ve got that I’m doing well. Silly but true, I love to have my to do list filled out and checked off. Sandra Sullivan, in the book Best Staged Plans by Claire Cook, has her own to-do list. She sets goals and gets them done. She has a great job, great husband, 2 kids and a beautiful home. She has decided it’s time to move on with her life (and her husband’s). Her kids are grown and the house is tying her and her husband down. So naturally they have to sell it. The house is an old historic home that needs some work. Yet although her family has agreed to cooperate and get the house ready to sell, they always find something else to do when it comes time to work. Thwarted by her retired husband and bat cave son she takes a job in Atlanta. Her life as she sees it is a mess and so she has to cut her losses. It isn’t until she sees a homeless woman near where she works that she realizes what she has. She looks at her life through different eyes and sees how wonderful it is. She has a home, a great husband and loving children. So what if the house doesn't sell, is it the end of the world?  Is this enough to throw away all the good things?  Is telling her family how much she loves them enough?  Is it too late to get back what she gave up?
This is a wonderfully witty story about growing older, facing life’s changes and learning happiness is all around you. If you enjoy reading chick lit, you have got to read this story. The story flows smoothly and will make you laugh out loud.  Claire Cook takes chick lit to a new level. She does not just give us a feel good story, but gives us life lessons along the way.  This is a truly delightful and enchanting story. 

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