Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forget resolutions, the new year is a time for new books!

Like many people, I think of the new year as a great time to start fresh.  It's a time to work on breaking bad habits and replace them with better ones.  However, I realized I wasn't doing too well on some of the traditional resolutions (somehow, the resolution to re-landscape my front flower beds has been on the list for three years and still hasn't gotten done...but this year I mean it!).  So, instead of focusing on the resolutions that within a month I'm apt to get frustrated by, amused by my overly zealous ambitions, or just plain forget, I've decided to focus on the great books I'm looking forward to reading this year. 

I'll start by admitting that I'm a bit of a political junkie, but that I'm already a bit weary of the campaign season.  Thinking that we have another 10 months of ads and debates is enough to make me run for cover...the cover of Taft 2012.  This book, slated for release next week (Jan. 17, 2012), imagines an alternate history in which President William Howard Taft disappeared from the lawn of the White House after his defeat in 1912 only to reappear today.  As he considers running as an independent, he is forced to consider the impact of a changed time and culture.  I anticipate turning off the C-SPAN coverage of the real election and following this debut novel by Jason Heller, instead. 

American Dervish is Ayad Akhtar's debut novel.   Set in the pre-9/11 Midwest, it's about a Pakistanti-American boy trying to reconcile the conflicting roles and views he finds himself surrounded by, all while trying to navigate the emotional riptide of first love.

Moving from the Midwest to the South, I'm really looking forward to Joshilyn Jackson's newest release, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty.  I've enjoyed her family dramas infused with humor in the past and am intrigued by the prospect of this story about the women of the Slocumb family and the curse that has brought trouble every 15 years for generations.

The best part about the new year's offerings of books?  This doesn't even get beyond the books scheduled to be published in January.  I'm excited to see what February brings!

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