Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrate Southern Asian Literature

I recently read that Khaled Hosseini's birthday was March 4th.  Happy Birthday Mr. Hosseini!  He was born in Afghanistan in 1965 and is an excellent writer so I was wondering what other authors are from that locale.  Some people consider Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of the Greater Middle East.  Others designate them as part of Southern Asia.  So, no matter which area of the world you think these countries are part of--they all bring us great literature.  Try the following talented authors:

Jamil Ahmad--Pakistan--The Wandering Falcon

Monica Ali--British/Bangladeshi--The Untold Story

Tahmima Anam--Bangladesh--The Good Muslim

Romesh Gunesekera--Sri Lankan/British--The Match

Mohammed Hanif--Pakistan--Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Moni Mohsin--Pakistan-Duty Free

Michael Ondaatje--Sri Lankan/Canadian--The Cat's Table

Atiq Rahimi--French/Afghani--A Thousand Rooms of Dreams and Fear

Shyam Selvadurai--Sri Lankan/Canadian--Funny Boy

Ali Sethi--Pakistan--Wish Maker

Kamila Shamsie--Pakistan--Burnt Shadows

Samrat Upadhyay--Nepal--Buddha's Orphans

Tune in next week (I've always wanted to say that) for authors from Iran and India.

For more on the Middle East try our lecture series.

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