Friday, March 9, 2012

The Good Father

Noah Hawley's latest novel, The Good Father, is a very intriguing and disturbing story of what a father is willing to go through for his son.  Dr. Paul Allen is enjoying a peaceful evening at home with his wife and two young boys when his life suddenly changes forever.  A news report comes on that a popular presidential candidate has been assassinated.  The person in custody is Paul's son from his previous marriage, Daniel Allen, now known as Carter Allen Cash.
The title obviously comes from the fact that Dr. Allen is willing to do anything to prove that his son is innocent.  Despite all evidence linking his son to the murder and Daniel (Carter) not willing to say whether he did it or not, Paul puts his new life on hold and pours all his energy into helping his son.  The obvious question that arises is: How far would you be willing to go? 
The story itself is interesting in its presentation.  We get snippets of Daniel's life on the road after he drops out of college.  He works his way from the East Coast all the way to Los Angeles, never stopping in one place for very long.  Hawley also includes history on different famous assassinations that Paul finds during his research.  And, of course, we get Paul's struggle with family, friends and his own son.

I found this to be quite a page turner.  Paul is what you would expect from a father trying to protect his son, but I really found Daniel to be the most intriguing character.  Whether or not he actually committed the crime almost becomes secondary to the fact that I found myself not being able to wait to hear what he has to say.  It's a unique story and one that I simply could not put down.  The Good Father is scheduled to come out later this month.

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