Tuesday, May 15, 2012

150 Pounds

It's May so chances are pretty good that you've seen at few dozen reminders that it's time to get in bikini shape and if you just read this book/magazine/website you'll get the magic cure for finding your ideal size.  We are a society obsessed with weight.  In her new book, 150 Pounds, author Kate Rockland addresses this fixation with size in the form of two bloggers.

Shoshanna, who weighs 215 pounds, writes Fat and Fabulous and lives her life based on what feels good at the moment.  Alexis, 100 pounds dripping wet and creator of the Skinny Chick blog, counts every calorie and wakes up at 4:30 every morning to start her day at the gym.  When the two meet on Oprah their opposing views clash in a personal way. The title itself should come with a spoiler alert because (spoiler alert!) over the course of the next year, each blogger has weight changes ending at 150 pounds. Of course, with the change in weight, there are a few changes of heart, especially for Alexis.

Yes, it's a bit predictable and yes, at times the characters verge on caricatures, but it's an enjoyable read that raises some interesting points about our obsession with weight and how we view ourselves and others.

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