Thursday, June 21, 2012


Over the past few years, I've found that I tend to read heavy, thought-provoking and deep books in the summertime. So far, this summer I've completely bucked that trend and have been delighting in the fun, light, and predictable happy endings.  Fortunately, I had just the book by my side when I was looking for something to read earlier this week. Attachments is a nice piece of lad-lit (chick lit from the male perspective) that perfectly met my interests.
Lincoln is a good guy. Sure, he lives with his mom and keeps racking up graduate degrees because he's not sure what else to do with his life and is still a little heartbroken over the breakup with his highschool girlfriend, but he's a good guy. He's underemployed as what was supposed to be an IT security position, but ended up being a job in which he's tasked with reading the emails caught in a newspaper's web filter. Typically, as he reads those messages that aren't work-related or otherwise unprofessional, he sends a note to the sender and moves on. Except, the messages that Beth and Jennifer send to each other are so interesting to him that he can't help but read them.

In the course of reading their messages, Lincoln realizes he's falling for Beth, which is understandable. We only meet Beth and Jennifer through the messages he's reading, and they come across as the fun friends whose conversations remind me of the Gilmore Girls. It's fun to watch the one-sided (in two directions, odd as it might sound) relationship unfold. The writing is light, fun, and clever and the characters are relatable.  All in all, a perfect summer read!

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