Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Farewell, Maeve Binchy

It started as a normal enough Monday evening. There I was, chatting happily away on AfterWords, when someone announced that she was mourning Maeve Binchy.  This caused me some initial confusion. After all, mourning is something that is traditionally done after a person dies and Maeve Binchy surely hadn't. And yet, impossibly, she had.

Maeve Binchy has delighted many of us for years with her world within Ireland. Her most recent book, Minding Frankie, was published two years ago and continued in the same way as her other stories. She wrote stand-alone books about specific people, families, and situations, but familiar characters and places from other books regularly appeared as side characters.  I have often marveled at the completeness and fullness of the fictional world she created and how fully realized it was through her words.

Her first novel was Light a Penny Candle, written in 1983. Her popularity soared after her book Circle of Friends was released as a movie by the same name in 1995. My favorite of her books was probably Quentins, although others such as The Scarlet Feather and Evening Class also both stand out in my mind. Maeve Binchy is an author I regularly recommend to people looking for well-developed characters and heart-warming stories. Her voice, and the world she created, will be missed by many.

If you've never read her books, give one a try. If you have, what is your favorite?


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Amy P., USA said...

I just found out today that my favorite authoer, Maeve Binchy, passed away last month. I have to say that my first read, Circle of Friends, is still my favorite. It introduced me to Ireland in a way that I can't explain but deepened my desire to visit. I have read all of her subsequenet novels and was delighted in each. I will deeply miss the joy and pleasure she brought to my life with her writing. Rest in Peace Maeve.