Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest blogger: Author C. L. Gregoire

We at Fine Print are very excited to bring a series of posts by local authors. We have asked them to share their thoughts about their favorite book, something they've read recently, or the role reading has played in their lives. Born and raised in Colchester, Vermont, Mr. Gregoire has worked for multi-national firms in a variety of public relations, purchasing and operational capacities. He has travelled internationally and has resided in Burlington, VT; San Diego and Los Angeles, CA; Wichita, Kansas; Ogden, Utah; and Centerville, Ohio. Mr. Gregoire owns and operates a small franchise restaurant in Centerville and lives in Washington Township with his wife, two cats and a part-time dog. Death Spiral is his first novel. It is the culmination of a lifetime of wondering about and researching the possibility of extraterrestrial life.More information about Mr. Gregoire and his book are available at C.L. Gregoire will be one of the local authors at A Tasting With Friends at Benham's Grove on September 13. For more information on this event or to buy tickets, check out this page.

My love of reading started back in Colchester, Vermont, when Mrs. Baker, my fourth grade teacher, tasked us with going to the local library, finding a book, and then writing a book report. She upped the ante by suggesting we then present the book report orally in front of the class. I discovered several things about myself that year. First, the Hardy Boy mysteries fascinated me and I probably read 20-25 of their stories. I just loved the action and how brothers Frank and Joe always found a way to solve seemingly impossible problems. Second, I quickly learned how much I feared speaking in public, even if only for reading a short book report. And lastly, I like a challenge. Another boy in class also liked reading and he and I soon got into a competition to see who could read the most books. I don’t remember the finally tally, but I do remember that Joel Page beat me. That pattern continued throughout grade school --- no matter how many As I got on my report card, he always seemed to get one more!
Mrs. Baker opened my eyes to world of books. I’ve never stopped reading since her class and to this day enjoy the solitude of immersing myself in a good story. Being transported to a different time or maybe even a different world and experiencing the wonders of the author’s creation is simply great fun!

My taste in books is all over the map, even though my preferred genre is contemporary political thrillers. A list of my favorite authors would include Ayn Rand, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, Frank Peretti, Max Lucado, Whitley Strieber, C. S. Lewis and J. K. Rowling. I was particularly captivated by the Harry Potter series and went as far as reading the first book in French. Now that was truly a challenging experience since I hadn’t spoken, written or read French since my senior year in high school way back in 1970!

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Rose - North Hero, VT said...

Books are my passion. I bring a book with me everywhere, so it as available - whether it be at a train crossing or waiting for my family to finish errands.
Reading is my escape, away from the hustle & bustle into the excitement of a great action or the safety of predictable romance. Reading has also, opened the door to taking the journalizing of passionate emotions and placing them into short story or poem.