Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rocking New Year

Before I realized that it is almost impossible to listen to CD books in a car where the disc gets ejected constantly, I began lining up several biographies of famous musicians to listen to while on the road. I am not an audiobook person, but I thought it seemed more fitting to listen to the biographies of people that built careers by appealing to our auditory preferences. Not to mention, several of the books are read by familiar voices. Just for the sake of name dropping, Johnny Depp and Keith Carradine make the list of rock and roll biography readers. If you decide to read rather than listen, check out our music selection for appropriate background music for your walk/read on the wild side.

Here is a list of some recent rock musicians' biographies that will be sure to spice up your new year:

Who I am: a memoir by Pete Townshend
My cross to bear by Gregg Allman; with Alan Light
Mick Jagger by Phillip Norman
Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin
Kicking & dreaming: a story of Heart, soul, & rock and roll by Ann and Nancy Wilson; with Charles R. Cross
In the pleasure groove: love, death, & Duran Duran  by John Taylor; with Tom Sykes

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