Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking For a Good 1940's Mystery?

I recently "investigated" some 1940's murder mysteries for a patron.  They range from World War II New York, Washington DC, and London to swing music to late 1940's Los Angeles and Hollywood.  If you are a historical fiction fan who likes a little mystery, then these are the books for you.

The Song is You
Megan E. Abbot
A smooth-talking Hollywood publicist looks into the 1949 case of a missing starlet.

Dead of Winter
Rennie Airth
Former detective John Madden investigates the murder of a young Polish girl in wartime London.

Miss Dimple Disappears
Mignon F. Ballard
Miss Dimple is a teacher in wartime Georgia.

Billy Boyle
James R. Benn
Billy Boyle is an Irish-American cop who becomes Eisenhower's personal investigator.

Face of the Enemy
Joanne Dobson
Louise Hunter is a nurse in WWII New York.

The Black Dahlia
James Ellroy
Based on the notorious unsolved L. A. murder in the late 1940's.

Full Dark House
Christopher Fowler
Arthur Bryant and John May are detectives in WWII London.

Too Dead to Swing
Hal Glatzer
Katy Green is an amateur P.I. and professional violinist for an all-girls Swing band in the 40's.

Season of Darkness
Maureen Jennings
Inspector Tom Tyler is a detective in rural England during 1940.

Berlin Noir (March Violets, The Pale Criminal, and A German Requiem)
Phillip Kerr
1930's Berlin ex-policeman Bernie Gunther goes freelance in late 1940's Vienna.

Don't Die Under the Apple Tree
Amy Patricia Meade
New Yorker Rosie O'Doyle Keefe (Rosie the riveter) works in the World War II shipyards.

Devil in a Blue Dress
Walter Mosley
"Easy" Rawlins is a young, black veteran in 1948 L. A. who runs errands for a mobster.

This Dame for Hire
Sandra Scoppettone
Faye Quick is a secretary for a private eye in 1943 Manhattan.

Louise's War
Sarah R. Shaber
Louise Pearlie is a young widow who clerks for the O.S.S. in 1942 Washington, D.C.

Let me know what you think and if you have any other favorites, please let me know.

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