Thursday, April 11, 2013

First comes love, then comes prison...

Dorothy Koomson’s books have been described as “heartwarming” in the past, but her book The Ice Cream Girls lacks the warm fuzzies you may be familiar with from Koomson.

The story introduces us to Serena and Poppy--two girls that were brought together under very unusual and unsavory circumstances. The both make some serious mistakes as teenagers that land one of the girls in prison for a high-profile crime that rocks their hometown. Poppy bears the brunt of the punishment and spends years in prison for the crime. When she is released into a world that left her behind, she sets out to find Serena to demand that her name be cleared. Serena has a normal life as a wife and mother, but has worked very hard to conceal her past from everyone—including her husband. When Poppy and Serena are brought together as adults, the plot thickens as each woman maintains her innocence, but refuses to believe the other.

Koomson brings the reader into the mind of both Poppy and Serena in alternating chapters. We are given equal time to ponder the differing points of view and the reality of the punishment that only one of the girls was required to face, though, Serena’s life is not exactly golden for quite a while. The book has a few slow points where you will feel left in the dark and somewhat frantic to get to the bottom of things, but how could it be a mystery without delaying the outcome?

What do you do if the only suspects are truly innocent? Keep reading.

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