Sunday, July 21, 2013

Golden Voices in Audio Books!

This is the conclusion to my audio book award winners series. The Golden Voice award represents the top narrators in audio book work as selected by the AudioFile editors. The award is a celebration of great actors who are committed to creating an amazing listening experience for the reader.

The narrator is the voice of the book. A good narrator or raconteur will capture the listener and keep them waiting with baited breath for what happens next. This is especially true for Jim Dale's brilliant readings of the Harry Potter series.  

A golden voice winner does not just recite the author's words, but creates a work of art. When a story is read well, I can visualize (yes, that's right, visualize) the characters speaking.  Remember I was not a fan of audio books, I could not see the point, but oh the difference an amazing narrator makes.  I actually find myself waiting anxiously for the next CD to begin and heaven forbid I arrive home before the chapter ends and the story has hit a climactic part. 

Imagine they have just found,... that's right you are home; you have no idea what they found, you are supposed to get out of the car! Perhaps you hear a piercing scream.... your mind races and you wonder, "What happened?!" Do you turn off the car and go fix dinner or do you sit in the car for a few more minutes to learn what happens next? What would you do? I personally have found myself sitting in the car until my son comes out and asks, "What's for dinner?" (sigh) "Really just a minute there's a big fight and.... 'Oh, ok, yes I'm coming(sigh). No, I'm coming right now.'"  Do you get the picture? 

If you are looking for a great book to listen to try one read by one of these golden voices. If you would like a complete listing of AudioFile's Golden Voice winners click here. Listed below are a few of the narrators we have in our audio book collection, but believe me we have many more great narrators in our collection!

Alyssa Bresnahan
Scott Brick
Barbara Caruso
David Case 
Jim Dale
John Lee
Robin Miles
Simon Prebble
Simon Vance

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