Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Forensic Mysteries and Thrillers--Part 2

forensics-- is the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts to be presented in a court of law. This comes from a variety of perspectives and specialties such as art, anthropology, archeology, pathology, geology, psychology, and psychiatry.

This is part two of a two-part blog on mystery and thriller series that highlight the many, great authors and very diverse group of scientists that make up the characters of these books.  So try some of the following great series and hone your CSI skills to a scalpel's keen edge. I have provided the author, character name, forensic specialty, and first book in the series.

Forensic Art--is art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Some skills used are composite drawing, crime scene sketching, image modification and identification, and postmortem and facial approximation. Not every artist uses all of these skills.

Robin Burcell--Sydney Fitzpatrick, FBI forensic artist in San Francisco, CA.  Face of a Killer.

Iris Johansen--Eve Duncan, forensic sculptor in the state of Georgia.  The Face of Deception.

Forensic Psychiatry--is the use of psychiatry in a legal setting to evaluate competency to stand trial, mental disease defense, and sentencing recommendations.

Keith Ablow--Frank Clevenger, forensic psychiatrist in the state of Massachusetts.  Denial.

Meg Gardiner--Jo Beckett, forensic psychiatrist in San Francisco, CA.  The Dirty Secrets Club.

Forensic Psychology--is the study of the human mind and functions and understanding of the law in order to be able to interact appropriately with judges and other legal professionals.

Lindsay Ashford--Dr. Megan Rhys, forensic psychologist in Birmingham, England.  Frozen.

Sarah Lovett--Sylvia Strange, forensic psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Dangerous Attachments.

Val McDermid--Tony Hill, forensic psychologist in Bradfield, England.  The Mermaids Singing.

Forensic Science--is the application of sciences and technologies to investigate situations after the fact and establish what occurred based on collected evidence.  Examples of these are: botany, chemistry, geology, DNA analysis, fingerprints, insects, teeth, footprints, toxicology, and trace evidence to name a few.

Lori Andrews--Dr. Alexandra Blake, geneticist and forensic specialist working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC.  Sequence.

Sarah Andrews--Em Hansen, forensic geologist in the state of Wyoming.  Tensleep.

Elizabeth Becka--Evelyn James, forensic expert in the Cleveland, OH medical examiner's office.  Trace Evidence.

Lisa Black--Theresa MacLean, forensic scientist in Cleveland, OH.  Takeover.

Kathy Brandt--Hannah Simpson, CSI diver in the British Virgin Islands.  Swimming with the Dead.

Caleb Carr--Lazlo Kreitzer, "alienist" in 1896 New York.  The Alienist.

Jeffery Deaver--Lincoln Rhyme, disabled ex-head of NYPD forensics in New York City.  The Bone Collector.

Tim Downs--Dr. Nick Polchak, aka The Bug Man, a roving forensic entomologist.  Shoofly Pie.

Zoe Ferraris--Katya Hijazi, a forensic scientist in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Finding Nouf.

D. E. Meredith--Adolphus Hatton, professor and forensic scientist in 1850s London, England.  Devoured.

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