Saturday, August 23, 2014

August's In the Queue

Find a heroic quest, an amazing crusader and learn to take the lead in August’s
 In the Queue.

 Painted Horses By Malcolm Brook
This debut novel introduces us to a dauntless young woman on a heroic quest. It reminds us that love and ambition, tradition and the future, often make for strange bedfellows.

One Kick: A Novel By Chelsea Cain
Kick Lannigan is a child abduction survivor. She was kidnapped at age 6. Her family and the police were shocked when she was found 6 years later. Kick had difficulty adjusting to her return home. Although her parents tried numerous therapy techniques the detective who found her discovered the key. Kick learned to fight. She excelled at marksmanship,martial arts, boxing, archery and knife throwing by the time she was 13. She vowed never to be a victim again. When she learns young children's lives are at risk, she sets out to be the crusader she always wanted to be. 
By Derek Hough
For the first time ever Derek Hough shares his story. He tells of his transformation from a bullied little boy to an accomplished performer and coach who learned to let nothing stand in his way. He shows readers how they can take charge of pursuing their goals, overcome obstacles, and become winners—not just on the dance floor but in life.

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