Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Read-a-Likes

Read-a-like is library speak for a book or series that shares a commonality with another book that may appeal to the same reader. The book may have a similar tone, setting, characterization style or similar plot. A good read-a-like connects the elements a reader enjoys in a story with a new author or different book. For instance if you enjoy reading books written by  Robyn Carr, books which are compelling and have a heart-warming romance you will probably enjoy books by Merline Lovelace. If you enjoy light, breezy and upbeat romance novels that delve into adult human emotions and have a touch of sexuality you will likely enjoy novels by Susan Mallery or Jennifer Crusie. Although these novels often touch on serious subjects they possess a positive heart-warming feel.  

If you are like the myriad of readers who have enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, here is a list of novels that have become quite popular since the interest in scandalous and titillating novels has grown. 

Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks
Police officer Gray Montgomery is searching for his partners killer. He finds a link between the killer and Faith, a beautiful stranger and decides if he has to get close to her to catch the killer, he will. 

Bared to You by Sylvia Day
Another beautiful and conflicted couple deal with their past history of sexual abuse as they strive toward 'normalcy'. "Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each others most private wounds and... desires."

Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey
Nia Simone Bijou 'has it all except the one thing which will give her the control she craves and the power she deserves: absolute, uninhibited sexual satisfaction.'

Never Too Much by Lori Foster
This contemporary erotic romance is smart playful and extremely sexy. Ben Baldwin sets his sites on Sierra Murphy when she pulls up to his restaurant. She rebuffs his advances and the chase is on, but Ben never expects he will fall in love.

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton
Meet Merry Gentry paranormal P.I. and Fae Princess. Enter a dazzling world full of danger, mystery and magic, when the Dark Queen sends her Darkness to bring Meredith back to the Fae.

Dangerous Pleasure by Lora Leigh
Abram el Hamid Mustafa has always appreciated Paige Galbraithe. She has been a constant source of comfort to him in his dark world. When his father kidnaps Paige, Abram must find the courage to save her as their secret dangerous desire pulls them together, while other forces try to tear them apart.

Never the Face by Ariel Sands 
The heroine in this story remains nameless throughout the book, but she is dissatisfied with love, bored with sex; in her experience all lovers are predictably dull,... until she rekindles a relationship with her old flame. 

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