Friday, March 27, 2015

Women of Mystery Part 2: Culinary Mysteries and Humorous Mysteries

This week we will cover a couple of other mystery sub-genres featuring women detectives.  These two categories mostly fall under the designation of a cozy mystery.  What is a cozy mystery you say?  The following are some characteristics of a cozy:

--the crime solver is usually a female, amateur detective.
--the mystery is usually set in a small town or village.
--the sleuth usually has a friend or family member that is in law enforcement.
--most cozies are part of a series.
--the series characters are almost always likable.
--these are considered gentle books with no graphic sex, violence, or language.
--these tend to be fast-paced, with several twists and turns throughout.
--the cozy mystery puts an emphasis on plots and character development.

Lately, authors of what are considered cozy mysteries are adding more graphic language and adult situations so beware.

To read more about cozy mysteries, go to this fabulous resource:

Snoops Du Jour

Female sleuths in culinary mysteries.

Jessica Beck--Glazed Murder
--Suzanne Hart is a coffee shop owner in April Springs, N. C.  She is a nosy sleuth with a quirky cast of supporting characters.  Recipes included.

Cleo Coyle--On What Grounds?
--Clare Cosi is the owner of a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, N.Y.  This series is about coffee as much as it is about crime.

Diane Mott Davidson--Catering to Nobody
--Goldy Bear Schulz is a caterer in Aspen Meadows, CO.  These are lively and fun mysteries with delicious recipes.

Joanne Fluke--Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
--Hannah Swensen runs the Cookie Jar bakery in small-town Minnesota.  These are funny and quirky mysteries.

Sharon Kahn--Fax Me a Bagel
--Ruby Rothman is a Rabbi's widow in Texas in this fast-paced and funny series.  It is full of quirky characters and Jewish humor.

G. A. McKevett--Just Desserts
--Savannah Reid is a Southern, food-loving, plus-sized police officer.  She loves solving crime as much as she loves food.

Tamar Myers--Too Many Crooks, Spoil the Broth
--Magdalena Yoder is a Mennonite inn keeper in Hernia, Pennsylvania.  These are lighthearted and witty mysteries.

Katherine Hall Page--The Body in the Belfry
--Faith Fairchild is a caterer and minister's wife in a quaint Massachusetts town.  These are great, leisurely mysteries.

Wry Detectives

Female sleuths in humorous mysteries.

Margaret Chittenden--Dying to Sing
Charlie is a 30-something Country/Western club owner in California.  She is divorcee with attitude and bright, orange hair.  These are fun and sassy reads.

Jill Churchill--Grime and Punishment
--Jane Jeffry is a widowed, single mom in suburban Chicago.  This series has believable characters and is funny from start to finish.

Janet Evanovich--One for the Money
--Stephanie Plum is a big-haired, smart-mouthed, bumbling bounty hunter in Trenton, NJ.  She lives in the "Berg" with a nutty family and goofy friends.

Joan Hess--Malice in Maggody
--Arly Hanks is police chief in the Ozark town of Maggody, Arkansas.  These are bawdy and cheerful mysteries.

Marne Davis Kellogg--Bad Manners
--Lily Bennett is a U. S. Marshall in Roundup, Wyoming.  This is a witty, sexy, and action-packed series.

Sarah Strohmeyer--Bubbles Unbound
--Bubbles Yablonski is hair dresser studying journalism in North Carolina.  She is a sexy, irrepressible heroine who loves her high heels.

--Callahan Garrity is an ex-cop who owns a cleaning business in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is surrounded by wacky friends and family.

Lois Winston--Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun
--Anastasia Pollack is an editor for a craft magazine in New Jersey.  These are dead-pan droll and hilarious cozy mysteries.

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