Saturday, June 6, 2015

Love and Other Unknown Variables

Sometimes a book just grabs you. Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Alexander is one of those books.  Its message is more than a love story. It is a story of growth, loss and the power to change.  This debut novel will hold you hostage and not let you go until you reach the final conclusion.

Charlie Hanson is a geek, plain and simple. He loves numbers and is focused on where his life is headed, which he hopes is MIT. Then he meets Charlotte Finch and his life changes. This steady as a rock guy is suddenly daydreaming about her beautiful eyes, which leads him to drive through Mrs. Dunwitty's prized flower bed. Then the cranky and formidable Mrs. Dunwitty yells at him for destroying her beautiful yard, and suddenly his life is not his own. Not only must he restore the yard to its former glory, but his new English teacher is determined to make an English lover out of her math and science loving students. The students are having none of it and the pranks begin. When Charlie learns the girl of his dreams, Charlotte, is his teacher's sister, he wonders why Charlotte wants them to distract her sister with pranks. Charlie begins to understand after he learns Charlotte has cancer. Now Charlie has to decide if love is worth the risk.

I fell in love with all the incredible characters in this book. Shannon has a way of telling a story so that you can see how each character feels even though she is speaking from Charlie's point of view. You may determine what will happen next, but oddly enough, what happens won't be what you expect.  

This is a truly beautiful, well-written story, that will make you laugh, cry, and even laugh out loud--yes I found myself laughing so hard, I hoped no one would see me, because they'd think I lost my mind.  

This is a young adult fiction novel, but DO NOT let that stop you from reading it. If you enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green or If I Stay by Gayle Forman you will love this book!  This is a story I encourage everyone to read. Once you start it you won't want to put it down.

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