Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Sparrow Sisters: An Amazing Debut Novel

Prepare to fall in love with the Sparrow sisters and the town that loves them. The Sparrow family is as much a part of Granite Point, Cape Cod as the sand that fills the beach.  The Sparrow sisters each possess a special gift that has benefited the entire town. Patience's gift is especially beneficial. She knows how to heal people just by looking at them. She knows what plants to use to make them better.  Henry Carlyle is the new doctor in town and does not believe in these 'folk remedies' and is determined to make Patience stop. When the townspeople tell him in no uncertain terms to leave the Sparrow sisters alone, especially Patience. He knows he should listen, but he does not seem able to stop himself from confronting her.  When he learns she is aiding an autistic child when the father forgets to give his son his medication he gets angry.  He talks with Patience and realizes she has not been causing the child harm. At least he believes this until Matty dies unexpectedly. 

As the boy's drunken father's rantings turn the town against the Sparrow's. The town becomes besieged by terrible weather and Granite Point begins to fall apart. Can the Nettie and Sorrel do anything to save the town and their beloved sister?  Is there a chance for Patience and her sister's to find love and happiness?  Well you'll just have to read this mesmerizing tale to find out.  A fantastic debut novel you won't want to miss. It's filled with hints of magic, love, loss and sacrifice. A beautifully written story that if you are like me and like a bit of romance with a mixture of the unexplained and magical you will love this book. I cannot wait for Ellen Herrick to write another novel with a focus perhaps on Nettie or Sorrel. Either one or better yet both!  

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