Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spy Thrillers Part Two

Last month we celebrated spy novelist John le Carre's 84th birthday by highlighting some classic novels and intriguing female spies.  This week we will be focusing on some historical novels and some more modern and tech-savvy spies.

Adam Brookes--Night Heron introduces us to journalist Philip Mangan who becomes entangled in a British Secret Intelligence Service operation--the latest is Spy Games.

Richard A. Clarke--the author is a notable counter-terrorism expert and brings this experience to his novels.  His newest is Pinnacle Event. Also, try The Sting of the Drone.

Jeremy Duns--Free Agent is the first in the historical Paul Dark series.  Paul Dark is a MI-6 double agent.

Alan Furst--Midnight in Europe is the latest in the Night Soldiers series--he writes some of the best historical novels out there with just a touch a romance.

Terry Hayes--a former journalist and a longtime screenwriter, the author thrills us with I Am Pilgrim--in which a retired CIA spy connects a murder mystery with a possible biological nightmare in the U. S.

Mischa Hiller--Shake Off--romance, action, where Middle East meets West--his latest is Disengaged--a small software company is caught between Israeli and Iranian intelligence.

Joseph Kanon--from war-torn Europe to McCarthy-era America, his historical novels will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Leaving Berlin is his latest.

Charles McCarry--considered by many to be the best modern spy author--try his two latest Shanghai Factor and The Mulberry Bush--or start with The Miernik Dossier, the first in his Paul Christopher series.

James McGee--The Blooding is the latest in the Matthew Hawkwood series--start with Ratcatcher--Hawkwood is a British spy in 1812 Albany, NY trying to get to Canada.

Do you have a favorite spy?

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