Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Orphan Queen

What would you do if you were a six year old child, your homeland is invaded and your parents murdered? You are a princess and most of the nobility has been decimated. Do you seek revenge?  How can you? You are a child. 

This is Princess Wilhelmina's story, ten years have passed and now it is time to reclaim her throne and unite her people. She and several other noble children have hidden in plain sight, as refugees in the Indigo Kingdom's refugee camps. 

The Indigo Kingdom has banned the use of magic, even the use of a little magic to save yourself from discovery could cost you your life.  Princess Wilhelmina has magic; and tries her best not to use it, but sometimes it's difficult when your loved ones are in danger. 

The Orphan Queen written by Jodi Meadows is an epic fantasy filled with adventure, intrigue and betrayal. This story grabs you and keeps you turning pages and then when your done reading the first won't be able to wait to get the next book in the series, The Mirror King so you can learn what happens next. Readers who enjoyed Graceling or The Queen of the Tearling will love this story.   

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