Friday, August 12, 2016

Explore Your Wild Side! Mystery Series in the Great Outdoors

This month the library is highlighting our large and extremely diverse mystery novel collection.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites plus come up with some kind of theme.  It turns out that most of my selections relate to the outdoors in some way--whether it is about wildlife, environmental concerns, or just the grandeur of mother nature.  So, enjoy some great mystery series and explore our big, beautiful, planet from the comfort of your favorite chair.

*= my favorites

Sarah Andrews--Em Hansen is a forensic geologist in the western United States--Tensleep is the first in the series.

Sandi Ault--Jamaica Wild is a resource-protection agent for the Bureau of Land Management in northern New Mexico--Wild Indigo.

*Nevada Barr--Anna Pigeon is a law enforcement ranger at various National Parks in the U. S.--Track of the Cat.

Pamela Beason--Summer "Sam" Weston is a wildlife biologist and free-lance writer in North America--Endangered.

C. J. Box--Joe Pickett is a game warden in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming--Open Season.

Paul Doiron--Mike Bowditch is a game warden in the wilds of Maine--The Poacher's Son.

*Tricia Fields--Josie Gray is a west Texas police chief in small-town Artemis on the Mexican border--The Territory.

Joseph Heywood--Grady Service is a Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation officer in Michigan--Ice Hunter.

*Tony Hillerman/Anne Hillerman--Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are Navajo Tribal Police in the Four Corners area of Arizona and New Mexico--The Blessing Way.

*J. A. Jance--Joanna Brady is the sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona in the small desert town of Bisbee--Desert Heat.

Craig Johnson--Walt Longmire is the sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming--The Cold Dish.

William Kent Krueger--Cork O'Connor is a Irish/Native American former sheriff in northern Minnesota--Iron Lake.

*Virginia Lanier--Jo Beth Sidden is a bloodhound trainer and search and rescue handler in the Okefenokee Swamp area of Georgia--Death in Bloodhound Red.

Keith McCafferty--Sean Stranahan is a painter, fly fisherman, and P.I. in the Madison River area of Montana--The Royal Wulff Murders.

Skye Kathleen Moody--Venus Diamond is a small but mighty U. S. Fish and Wildlife agent in Washington--Rain Dance.

Kinley Roby--Harry Brock is a painter, naturalist, and P.I. on an island in southwest Florida--Death in a Hammock.

Kirk Russell--Ex-DEA agent John Marquez is an undercover warden with the CA Dept. of Fish and Game--Shell Games.

*Jessica Speart--Rachel Porter is an apolitical U. S. Fish and Wildlife agent starting in New Orleans, Louisiana--Gator Aide.

*Dana Stabenow--Kate Shugak is a part Aleut investigator in remote southeast Alaska--A Cold Day for Murder. (Fantastic heroine!)

Randy Wayne White--"Doc" Ford is an ex-operative, marine biologist on Sanibel Island, Florida--Sanibel Flats.

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