Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let's Get Physical!

January is a time for new beginnings, or so I always hear. If you are thinking of making a lifestyle change for the new year, whether it be eating healthy, getting in shape or improving your mental health there's a book for that!

Here are a few books that will help you get back into good physical shape again. Most of these books offer a nutritional guide and also mind/body wellness.

The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris
This is not just another diet and fitness book. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle change you have to read this book and then take action.  Unfortunately, reading the book will not get you the desired results you'd like. The 4-Hour Body is a result of more than a decade of research and focuses on one main question, " What are the tiniest changes that will produce the biggest result?" The answer is in this book. You've got to read it, get physical and follow the advice to find amazing results. You'll look better, feel better and most importantly you'll enjoy it.

Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews
If you want to be toned, lean and strong as quickly as possible without crash dieting, spending hours in the gym or purchasing expensive supplements you need to read this book.  

Young and Slim For Life by Frank Lipman
Dr. Lipman share the 10 key steps to help you live your best life! He breaks through the common myths around, aging and dieting and zeroes in on what you need to do in order to feel great!

So if you are ready to jump start your new year. I encourage you to pick up one of these great books and get physical!

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