Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Run The World

New Years always starts with resolutions. Most athletes start the year by planning how to improve their performance. Some would like to run faster, some would like to lift more weight and some just want more energy. There are quite a few books out there that are excellent and can help people achieve their goals.

There is a misconception that athletes must eat meat in order to improve their performance. But that is not so. There is a really good book that was published in 2013 that outlines good nutrition for athletes. It's called The Runner's World Cookbook. I read it and was impressed by all the good pointers on how to improve my athleticism. The great thing about this book is that it's filled with lots of good recipes that are geared towards meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians and gluten free folks.

Runner's World Cookbook
613.7 Runn

Here is another good book that is completely plant-based:

No Meat Athlete
641.5636 Fraz 

Now the hardest thing for you might be keeping true to your New Year's resolutions and sticking with them. I have learned that a good support system and small monthly victories can do wonders for ones self-esteem. 

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