Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patiently Waiting

I have been patiently waiting for Chevy Stevens' newest book Never Knowing, slated for a July release.  Ok.  You got me.  I have not been patient at all, but have been pacing around and constantly checking the calendar to make sure it isn't July.  Stevens' debut, Still Missing, was one of my favorite books of 2010.  It's a story of a woman who survives being abducted and eventually escapes.  But the focal point of the story are the discussions she has with her therapist after the escape.  They show that, despite no longer being held captive, she is still forced to relive the memories each day.  It's a powerful book and the comparisons to Emma Donoghue's Room make perfect sense.

I decided to check out some similar authors to get ready for the release of Never Knowing.  There are definitely some gems to be found within this genre.  The first I checked out was The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers.  The two sisters, Lulu and Merry, witness a terrible crime committed by their father who is subsquently sent to prison.  The story follows the sisters over a thirty year period.  How each one deals with the cards they were dealt is very intriguing as they deal with things in the opposite way than you would expect (I don't want to give too much away).  Each sister narrates different chapters and the reader can identify with both in different ways.

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott is another recommended title.  I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this one and read it in one sitting.   This is another tale of a teenage girl, Evie, being abducted in a suburban neighborhood.  Her best friend, Lizzie, narrates the tale and we see how she deals with not knowing what happened to her best friend and how she helps the Evie's family.  Throughout the story, I had the same feeling I had while reading Room.  As the tension builds, we soon find out that all may not be as it appears.

Finally, I checked out What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman.  In 1975, two sisters were taken from a mall outside Baltimore.  The case is never solved and no real leads ever materialize.  Fast forward to the present when a distraught motorist gets into an accident and attempts to flee the scene.  She is taken to the hospital where she quickly claims to be one of the sisters who have been missing for thirty years.  The police begin working to find out a) if she is who she says she is, and b) what happened thirty years ago?

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