Saturday, September 3, 2011

Digital Books, oh MY!

The other day I was at the eye doctor.  I was reading a book (I am truly not sure which one). The interesting thing is what happened when the doctor saw my book.  It led to a lengthy discussion on the merits of a nook or any other type of e-reader.  My doc tried to convince me the error of my ways.  No it was not my reading selection he wished to discuss but rather the form of the reading material. We discussed the merits of leaving my beloved physical books behind and moving on to an electronic digital reader (eek!).

That's right; I spent the time while my eyes were dilating discussing the pros and cons of electronic reading devices. You should know, I love the feel of a hardback or paperback book in my hand, a book, not a kindle; e-reader, nook or Sony reader and I like to use a fun bookmark. I was informed (as I already knew) that the e-readers can bookmark my page. The font can be made larger, smaller, brighter or darker depending on what your eyes need to read. This might be great for the nights when the book grabs a hold of you (yes, mine do!) and keeps you turning page after page until your eyes get bleary.

It also might be nice to have access to all my books without breaking my arm or my back from the weight of the books (I read a lot of books and they can get quite heavy.).  I also learned my doctor is quite fond of his Nook. It replaces his vast library of books and he uses it all the time. Light weight, easy to use, easy to share books with friends, hmm what are the drawbacks?

I am an old fashioned gal and prefer to have a book (not a Nook) in my hands. However, the good doc was very convincing. He has 3200 books at his fingertips and can store more (Wow!). I guess if the books could fit in a small device it would be a blessing. I am a die-hard book lover. I like to turn the pages and can't wait to reach the end of the book and find out who dunnit. I'm not sure for me that it would be the same to reach the last page of a book on an e-reader. However, I may have to give it a try.  There are a lot of positives to them.  If you want to try some new technology on your own go to our website and learn how. If you have any pointers I'd love to hear them.  I'm just not sure I can give up my books, but I may have to try an e-reader.


Lauren L said...

I felt the same way at first, but I must say, I love my Kindle.

I love books. I love the way they feel, how they smell, looking at the covers, reading the back. However, there truly are merits to both; I like to keep a healthy mix of paper books and e-books in my collection.

My rule of thumb is this: if it is cheaper to buy the actual book, I buy the book, if the e-book is cheaper, I buy the e-book.

There is nothing better than laying in bed with my Kindle (all the lights out) and not having to move to turn the page. One handed reading is truly a new experience.

Does it really matter how the book gets inside your head? I don't think so.

dmb said...

You're right. As long as the story is thought provoking and hits a chord within you the format of the book doesn't matter. I like that e-books and kindle books are downloadable from the library for free. I (yes oh doubtful me) even took the plunge and downloaded a kindle book to my iphone using the kindle app. I prefer a hard copy,'s nice to have access to the next book in a series without having to wait for the library to open or a hard copy to become available.