Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Invisible Ones

Stef Penney's newest title, The Invisible Ones, is everything I love in a good mystery.  The characters are intriguing and well thought out.  We have drastically different point-of-views as two of the key characters take turns telling the story.  And we have an ending that I never saw coming.

Rose Janko, who married into a gypsy family, disappears seemingly into thin air.  Nobody knows where she's gone, nor if she left with anyone.  Enter private investigator Ray Lovell, from a gypsy family himself, who is hired by the girl's father.  The catch...Rose has been missing from the Janko family for seven years.  Lovell must make contact with the Jankos, who are not the most cooperative bunch, to find out everything he can about Rose.  The story alternates between Lovell's thoughts and JJ's, a young boy within the Janko family.  J.J.'s shares with the reader what things are like within the gypsy family and what little he knows about Rose and the inner workings of the Janko clan.

I picked up an advance copy of this book because, besides enjoying a good mystery, I knew very little of gypsy culture.  Penney's treatment of the subject is true to life from the other reviews I've seen.  It makes for a good mystery since Lovell must get as much information as he can from a group known to keep to themselves.  I felt like I had the ending nailed at least twice, but was very wrong on both occasions.  Check this one out if like a good page turner that keeps you guessing until the very end.

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