Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday North Dakota!

November 2, 2012 was the 123rd anniversary celebrating statehood of both North Dakota and South Dakota. Today I will talk about the 39th state in the Union.  It's called The Sioux State,  The Roughrider State, and even The Flickertail State (named for a twitchy-tailed rodent called the Richardson's Ground Squirrel).  I am talking about North Dakota, the state which brought us actor Josh Duhamel, baseball great Roger Maris, bandleader Lawrence Welk, and Sakakawea (Sacajawea) the Shoshone woman of Lewis and Clark fame and the US dollar coin minted in 2000.
Native Americans have greatly influenced the culture of North Dakota along with people from Northern Europe including Norway--which is why another nickname for North Dakota is "Norse Dakota".
Try one of the following North Dakotan authors and writers and you'll see why the state motto is "legendary".

Peter Brandvold--born and raised in North Dakota, he has written over 30 western novels.
Louise Erdrich--The Roundhouse--she is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and grew up in Wahpeton.
Roxanne Henke--lives in Wishek and is a inspirational columnist for North Dakota Living Magazine.
Louis L'Amour--(1908-1988)--born in Jamestown, he is one of our most prolific and best-loved western writers.
Chuck Klosterman--Downtown Owl, Invisible Man--grew up in Wyndmere, graduated from the University of North Dakota, and is a columnist for New York Time Magazine.
Brenda K. Marshall--Mavis--born on a farm in the Red River Valley, she now lives with her partner of 26 years in Michigan. 
Susan Power--Grass Dancer--is a Standing Rock Sioux writer and storyteller who grew up in Chicago.
Larry Watson--Sundown, Yellow Moon--born in Rugby in 1947 and grew up in Bismarck.

Try back later in the week for some great South Dakotan authors!

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