Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goodbye Vince Flynn

Best-selling author Vince Flynn, who wrote the Mitch Rapp counter terrorism thriller series, passed away Wednesday June 19, 2013.  His books sold more than 15 million copies in the US alone. 

Flynn was dyslexic and in an attempt to conquer his dyslexia he began reading everything he could. This was when he found espionage thrillers, fell in love and decided to try writing one of his own. His first novel, Term Limits was written before he became a well-known writer. It was a self-published novel that became a best-seller. After his first story became a sensation he signed a contract with Simon & Schuster.

His character of his spy thriller series, Mitch Rapp seems to be a super hero as he foils the terrorists plans to detonate a nuclear warhead in Memorial Day;  battles terrorists who seize the white house and take hostages in  Transfer of Power  and is out for revenge after a Saudi billionaire puts a bounty on his head in Consent to KillOne of my favorite things about Vince Flynn was that he was dyslexic and although he struggled with writing his creativity and perseverance made his novels amazing!  

Flynn's almost clairvoyant approach to espionage writing  led to discussions with the secret service and review of his books by the pentagon before they were released. Flynn had an amazing imagination and used what was happening in the world to make his spy novels realistic. 

The last book Flynn wrote was, The Last Man, which came out in November 2012.  His fans will miss him, but all is not gone. His incredible writing has led to a  Mitch Rapp movie which will be based on American Assassin. This novel was released in 2010 and as of now CBS Films has the movie on track to be released soon.   If you have not read any of his works, it is never too late to pick one up and be swept away.

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Deb Smouse said...

His latest book will still be released in September from my understanding. Based on the fact that most of the serial authors like him are a full year ahead of their publication cycle, I've been wondering if there is one more waiting in the wings.